Program Price List

All outdoor training MUST end by 9:30 pm

Note: Some training requires a FRFS representative. Please refer to the list below. These activities will be indicated with *. Departments may supply their own safety officer with appropriate documentation. 

Live Burn in the Tower*

In addition to rental fees

Required: 1 facility representative at $30/hr

Building Maintenance Fee $100

Live Burn in the Burn Building* (not available at this time)

In addition to rental fees

Required: 2 facility representatives at $60/hr and a safety officer (safety officer may be provided by department requesting with appropriate documentation). If a safety officer and/or instructor needs to be hired through the school, the fee is $30/hr.

Building Maintenance Fee $100

Propane Training

$420 price includes facility use, 50 gallons of propane, and 2 required FRFS Instrcutors

Additional propan is $3/gallon

Extrication Training*

If using school equipment, $30/hr- if using own department equipment no charge 

Confined Space Training*


​Trench Training*

Cost of facility rental (if using school equipment $30/hr)

Q Endorsement (5 student minimum/6 student maximum ​              $400/ per student

Firefighter 1                                                                                      $950 (without textbooks)

Firefighter 2                                                                                      $850 (without textbooks)

Flashover Simulator (includes 4 instructors & lunch)                  $120 individual student fee

                                                                                                            $1600 contract class up to 16 students

NFPA 1403 8 Hour Live Fire Training Program  

Open enrollment or Contract Class                                                     $120 individual student fee 

Includes 3 instructors, 1 safety officer & 1 incident commander         $1600 contract class up to 16 students 

8 Hour Hazardous Materials Refresher                                           $900, up to 15 students

Hazardous Materials FFI Portion                                                      $3000, up to 24 students

EMT Certification Class                                                                     $1000 per student (with textbooks)

CPR Initial Certification                                                                     $100 per student

CPR Refresher                                                                                    $35 per student

Pediatric First Aid                                                                               $75 per student

​Certified Pump Operator                                                                    $310 per student, up to16 students


Hay                                                                                                        $8 bale

Propane                                                                                                 $3.00 gallon

SCBA bottle refill (over 10 bottles)                                                         $25 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Smoke Machine                                                                                     $50 rental fee

Copies                                                                                                    $0.25 per sheet