Flashover Simulator

Several times a year FRFS offers open enrollment flashover courses for $95 per student (including lunch). However, some departments prefer to have their company go through the training together. In that case, we offer a full day course for $1,500 for a maximum of 16 students. All students must be Firefighter I certified and come prepared with full turnout gear and SCBA.


  • To provide firefighters a controlled environment in which to study the unique phenomenon of flashovers
  • To train firefighters to recognize some of the signs and conditions leading up to a flashover
  • To help firefighters better understand the limitations of their Personal Protectice Equipment in a flashover
  • To provide firefighters with skills and techniques to help them avoid possible injury and death from a flashover

What to Expect

A three hour classroom lesson will be presented followed by a lunch break. Lunch is included in the program price. After lunch, participants will spend three hours in the Flashover Simulator for the practical component. The hands-on evolutions will include:

  • Walk through
  • Break into Two Groups of Eight
  • Group I Prepare for Entry
  • Group II assist Group I
  • Final PPE Check at Entry Door
  • Outside Group Observe Conditions
  • Short Post-Burn Debriefing with Group I
  • Reload for Group II
  • Group II Prepare for Entry
  • Final PPE Check at Entry Door
  • Outside Group Observe Conditions
  • Short Post-Burn Debriefing with Group II

The day will conclude with a debriefing that should take approximately one hour.

Participants will be required to wear full protective clothing, including SCBA. The FRFS is not responsible for damages to PPE. Each participant must provide proof of Firefighter I certification and return a student release form which must be signed by their Chief/Training Officer prior to the scheduled training.

  • Pre-Burn Preparations
  • Long Pants ONLY, No Tank Tops
  • Long Sleeve Shirts Recommeneded
  • Hoods Required, No Exposed Skin
  • No Jewlery
  • Turnout Gear MUST be Dry
  • Eye Shields/Borkes Shall be Removed Prior to Arrival
  • Leather Helmets Strongly Discouraged
  • Full PPE including SCBA Facepiece SHALL be Worn Throughout the Drill
  • All participants must be in Good Health (no cold or flu symptoms)             and No Sunburn
  • Hydrate prior to arrival (drink plenty of water the day before)
  • A change of clothes is recommened

New Facilities Open for Use


The new facility has three classrooms for use. The largest classroom seats 85 and each of the smaller classrooms seat 35 students. Classroom space can be rented by Government Agencies and Private Organizations/Companies. Please refer to our fee schedule for pricing. 

Propane Fires

This simulator consists of two stations, a dual horizontal tank setup with multiple shutoff valves and plumbing and a single upright tank. Both scenarios allow liquid or vapor based fires to be controlled from an elevated remote station with a full view of all students.

Live Fire Training

Our four story training tower attached to a live fire training building is available for training, departmental drills and certification classes. The windows of the training tower have plywood plates which provide obscure vision when used with a smoke generator. The two story "burn room" offers a peaked roof for ventilation with real smoke and heat as well as providing an introduction to interior heat conditions.

Confined Space Rescue Simulator

This simulator consists of a series of vaults and pipes which create a wide variety of confined space rescue scenarios. The simulator is built grade level with access/egress doors for drill setup, evolutions or emergency access. Manhole access is provided topside for the majority of scenarios. A gradual slope has been paved leading up to the top of the simulator which can be used for apparatus, tool staging and tripod deployment.

Trench Rescue Simulator

This simulator was designed by rescuers for a realistic training environment. This prop was built at grade level for safety and consists of various sections to allow participants a training environment for multiple scenarios; including an 8" straight, a 12' deep, and an intersecting "T" trench.

Vehicle Fires and Extrication

The Fairfield Regional Fire School provides vehicles and training for departments interested in perfecting their car fire and extrication skills. The school as access to extrication tools and for special programs we bring in a multitude of specialized equipment.

Other Simulators

Flat roof, pitched roof, roll-up door, forcible entry door and fire extinguisher simulators are available, along with RIT Collapse and SCBA Confidence Courses.

Hazardous Materials

Many scenarios can be simulated using the variety of available props. An MC 312 (corrosives) and MC 306 (gasoline/liquid) are available as well as many other simulators. The Fairfield County Hazardous Incident Response Team utilizes this facility for training.

Other Facility Amenities

SCBA Compressor: available for refilling bottles
Safety Officers: All live burning exercises require at CT Certified Safety Officer. If your department cannot provide one, we will provide one for an additional fee.
And we offer. . .Cool Draft for Rehab, Lights for Night Training, AED Available During Classes.